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About us


My name is Larissa and I live with my dear samoyed Ivy in the Beemster. Years ago I came into contact with the breed and it was love at first sight. In 2018 Ivy (Mishka na Severe Fairy Stardust) finally came into my life.

In addition to my work as a consultant, I started a study as a canine instructor at the Martin Gaus Academy. After this I would also like to follow the training as a (dog) behavioral therapist. This is out of interest and to broaden my knowledge.

I have followed several training courses with Ivy. Ivy really likes balance and coordination training. In addition, we like to go out with the kickbike. Ivy lives comfortably in the house, likes to sleep one the bed and loves to run around in our garden. In addition, we regularly go out together. Ivy is really a part of the family.

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In January 2021, Ivy's first litter was born. This was a very beautiful, exciting and educational experience. I currently do shows with two puppies from this litter (Pippa & Cody) and sometimes train with them. Pippa lives with my mother and Cody lives with a lovely family in the area.

We do not plan a litter standard every year. On the contrary, we do not stick to a certain/fixed schedule when it comes to litters and it sometimes can take a while. For me, breeding is a hobby that is practiced with a lot of passion and love for the breed. As a recognized breeder I am affiliated with the Raad van Beheer (and FCI) and only breed with well-considered combinations. For me, health, character and beauty are important considerations. I also think genetic diversity is important to pay attention to.


We are currently testing 'our' dogs for HD, ED and an ECVO (including gonioscopy) is being performed. Our dogs also have an Embark DNA profile and other DNA tests are done via Laboklin. For example, they have been tested on XL-PRA, AI, FN, RD/OSD and XLHN. The results of the above mentioned tests may of course be checked.

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