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Showresults January U.T.A.I. May


Gent - 53rd & 54th Flanders Dog Show + Crufts on 06-05-2023 and 07-03-2023

Day 1

Judge: G. Skallman (SE)

Minor puppy

Apolar Made For Loving You - 'Maeve'

1 Very promising

Best minor puppy of breed

Day 2

Judge: M. Di Chicco (IT)

Minor Puppy

Apolar Made For Loving You - 'Maeve'

1 Very promising


Spezial Rassehund ausstellung (SRA) - Lingen on 22-04-2023

Judge: C-P. Fricke (DE)

Open classSolis Aurora Final Countdown - 'Cody'

1 Excellent

VDH CAC, Res. DCNH and Res. best male of breed

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