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Pita Kozovnik House


Breeder: Oksana Kozovnik
Owner: Ellen Smit-Krijnen
Import: Ukraine
Sire: Lunnyi Veter Santa Clause
Dam: Amarelle Cherry

Date of birth: 17-09-2021

Health Results:

  • HD: A

  • ED: coming soon

  • ECVO: clear (February 2023)

  • Gonioscopy: clear (February 2023)

  • OSD2: clear

  • XLHN: clear

  • XL-PRA1: clear

  • AI/FEH: coming soon


  • Embark DNA profile: present

  • ISAG2006 DNA profile: present

Information on the website of RVB​.

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About Sofie

We adopted Sofie and her brother as a puppy from Ukraine because of the war. After a few months her brother moved to a lovely couple in a calm environment. Because Sofie thought the world was a bit more exciting after the huge adventure, she needed a little more time to adjust. Since the beginning, my mother had a certain connection with Sofie and couldn't say goodbye to her, which made her stay. Sofie likes to work with you and loves to cuddle. Everyone is nice!

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